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Devon Bird Watching & Preservation Society

The Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society was formed in 1928 as a charity run by volunteers. The Society aims to 'further the study of birds in the field and to assist in their conservation'.

Volunteers have observed the fortunes of breeding and migrant birds at Slapton Ley for over 50 years and there has been a programme of ringing birds since 1960.  Data collected is passed to the British Trust for Ornithology to be included in the national records.

Reed Warblers that breed in the reed beds and are ringed at Slapton.  They return each spring from their wintering area in West Africa to raise a brood before leaving in the early autumn.  This amazing journey is repeated over many years as some birds can live for up to 12 years. 

The reed beds also provide food and shelter for birds that breed further north and pass through on migration. Birds ringed here have been found in Europe and Africa, helping to build up a picture of the movements of this sturdy little bird which may help with its conservation.

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