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Visitor Facilities

Field Centre

The Field Centre provides a range of residential courses for schools, universities, groups and individuals. Located on the coastal side of Slapton village, reception stocks a good range FSC fold out guides.

Start Bay Centre

The Centre provides an ideal base for primary schools, families and groups to explore Slapton Ley and the surrounding area.

Slapton Bridge and Fishing Hut

Slapton Bridge is a great place to watch birds, fish and if you are very lucky an otter! The Fishing Hut provides updated information on wildlife observations. This is the starting point for various walks and trails.

Torcross Bird Hide

Torcross Bird Hide accessed from the Car Park at Torcross overlooks the water and provides access for all to watch birds on Slapton Ley.

Duck Feeding Area

This is an opportunity for younger children to get closer to wildfowl in Torcross. Duck food can be purchase from Torcross Stores across the Road. This is better for them than white bread!


Pay and Display Parking is available at Torcross and the Memorial Car Park. Public Toilets are located in both car parks.

Shopping and Eating

Many good pubs, cafes and shops are located at Slapton and Torcross. Enjoy a reward after your walk.

Staying at Slapton Ley
If you want to observe Slapton Ley at night or in the very early morning, why not stay overnight? Find out more about our Natural Breaks