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Slapton Ley is the largest natural lake in the south west. The lake is separated from the sea by a shingle beach. Woodland, Reedbeds and Fen surround the lake.

Look for wildflowers on the shingle ridge during the summer including Yellow horned-poppy and Vipers Bugloss. The nature reserve is the only place in Britain where you can find Strapwort on the lake shore.

You can hear and occasionally see Cetti's warbler all year round. Slapton Ley is an important staging post for wintering and passage birds including Swallows. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of Badgers, Otters, Dormice and Bats or join one of our events to find out more. 250 species of lichen and 2000 species of fungi, 29 of which have been described as new to science.